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Beer Brains & Grains - Nick Bowlby Brewmaster since 2014

Nick Bowlby, a known Caseville original. He studied brewery science at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. He likes the title head brewer cause it takes a lifetime to master beer.

Thumb Brewery Signature beers in rotation:

Quinn’s Irish
West Coast IPA
Oatmeal Stout
Lady Lavendar
Kona Coffee Stout
Amber Lager

Beer Stats

Thumb Brewery Pilsner

This beer is the classic summertime drink. Easy, light, refreshing, and true to style. Ahhhh summertime…  5.2 ABV / 29 IBU

Thumb Brewery Hefeweizen

Traditional German ingredients create a sweet, light bodied session beer. Banana and clove carry into the beer itself.   5.1 ABV / 12.2 IBU

Thumb Brewery Gose

Highly-carbonated, tart and fruity wheat ale with a restrained coriander and salt character.   4.3 ABV / 10 IBU

Thumb Brewery Kona Coffee Stout

Brewed with real Hawaiian Kona Coffee. This brew has a slight fruity aroma and taste but you better like coffee. AWARD WINNING  6.0 ABV/35 IBU

Thumb Brewery Amber Lager

Rich and malty with the proper amount of caramel and hop. Woody and nutty provide a rustic aroma  5.0 ABV/ 25 IBU

Thumb Brewery West Coast Style IPA

This hopped-up IPA is piney with notes of tropical fruit; dry with high bitterness, but a crisp clean west coast finish. IPA lovers judge this one.   7.6 ABV/ 85 IBU

Thumb Brewery Oatmeal Stout

This is what you’ve been searching for! A medium-bodied stout with hints of chocolate and coffee.  5.2 ABV/ 50 IBU

Thumb Brewery Lady Lavender

Real men drink lavender! With a pale ale with lemon zest upfront and light floral aromas, it’s beyond refreshing. One of our signature beers!!   5.8 ABV/ 34 IBU

Thumb Brewery Quinn’s Irish Red Ale

Homage to the former family of this beautiful home. Well-rounded with roasted malt and deep amber color.  4.5 ABV / 53 IBU

Thumb Brewery Kinde Hop IPA

Local Cascade Hops direct from Kinde MI. A light bodied that’s juiced up and hopped up just enough. Easy drinking with a clean finish of pine and grapefruit. LIMITED RELEASE  5.0 ABV/ 55 IBU

Thumb Brewery Cherry Gose

Tart Michigan Cherries add a new twist to our traditional Gose style wheat beer. Ruby color and a finish that will quench your thirst. LIMITED RELEASE.   4.2 ABV / 10 IBU

Thumb Brewery Coconut Porter

Sweet, rich and malty. The coconut is there but not over-powering the goodness that is a porter. Hints of chocolate and nuttiness have given this the nickname of ‘Almond Joy’. LIMITED RELEASE.  4.5 ABV / 27 IBU

Q & A with Nick

What do you appreciate about brewing craft beer?

The industry is an art form; brewing goes into all sorts of cool sectors.  Brewing allows for all sorts of creativity and reach by blending interesting flavors and ingredient’s that you can combine to design beer various profiles.

What styles of beer do you enjoy?

The brewing excellence of German-style beers, plus I am a sucker for a sour.

If you could travel right now, where would you like to taste beer?

Germany or anywhere in Europe.

Do you use local ingredients for Thumb Beers?

Yes, when we can. Most of our hops are from the Michigan Hop Alliance.  We use Kinde hops, from the little town of Kinde, just an arms reach away. Grains, such as malted barley and malted wheat are from Briess, located in Wisconsin. And of course, our lavender is sourced locally.  A designated bit comes from Germany and the UK. For example, Golden Promise is from Thomas Faucet of Scotland.

Any changes in the brewing business that interest you?

The rise in sour beers and the nuances in new hop varieties.

Desert island Beer?

Orange creamsicle sour.

Beer & Burger pairing Thumb Brewery Burger?

Quinn’s Red ale or on a hot day, a Pilsner.

How would you encourage new aspiring brewers to approach beer making?

Don’t be afraid to try new beers. The industry is wide open for new ideas, and it is willing to help and provide a forum for exchanging information.

What is your next experimental beer?

I would love to try a potato lager or pumpkin lager.

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